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Terms and Conditions: These terms apply for any Contributors and Advertisers being featured in Luxour Lifestyle magazine owned by Luxour Lifestyle LLC referred to as Publisher. Luxour Lifestyle LLC offers this magazine as a marketing tool for Real Estate Professionals. By using and/or submitting an article, you agree to comply with the following Privacy Policy. Contributors and Advertisers understands that Luxour Lifestyle is a Digital only magazine. Contributors and Advertisers are not allowed to use the name Luxour Lifestyle without written permission from the Publisher. Luxour Lifestyle Magazine may contain links to other websites operated by third parties (‘Linked sites’). Publisher does not endorse any Linked site and is not responsible for the content of any Linked site or any link contained in a Linked site, or any changes or updates to such sites. All orders are subject to acts of God, fires, strikes, accidents, or other occurrences beyond Publisher’s control (whether like or unlike any of those enumerated herein) that prevent Publisher from partially or completely producing, publishing or distributing. All issues related to advertising will be governed by the laws of Florida, county of Sarasota. Contributors, Advertisers and Publisher agree that all matters will be in Florida state or federal courts.

Contributors and Advertisers agrees to share Luxour Lifestyle Magazines issue on their social media channels up to three times. You will be notified separately of editing or acceptance within 2 weeks before the article is published in order to promote the magazine and their contribution. Publisher has the right to edit or refuse any articles or submissions for any reason. Publisher may not notify Contributors and Advertisers if they have been denied or refused. Contributors and Advertisers have 30 days to cancel. Contributors and Advertisers will send the cancellation by email to The cancellation is not valid until an email is received back to the Contributors and Advertisers that states confirmed within 48 hours. Contributors and Advertisers don’t expect compensation on any projects. Articles can be up to 900 words with images to go with it. The quality of writing must be professional in order to be featured. You can look at magazine articles and get an idea of what is. Contributors and Advertisers agrees to hold Publisher and their employees, partners, agents, and licensees harmless and defend Publisher against any and all liabilities, damages, suits and expenses. Contributors and Advertisers hold Publisher harmless if anything happens such as, and not limited to, trademark, use of photos, copyright, injury, malfunctions. Contributors and Advertisers shall not submit any photos or content that they do not own or have the rights to. Publisher does their utmost to ensure information is accurate. Every article is subject to be edited. Publisher has the right to place Contributor’s and Advertiser’s information on any page Publisher wants. The layout is up to the Publisher. Contributors and Advertisers can review and has 48 hours to make any suggestions. Publisher is not held liable for any errors and omissions. The Contributors and Advertisers have permission to use all information including, but not limited to, images, logos, verbiage, etc. Publisher promotes on social media platforms. Which platform is up to the discretion of the Publisher. Publisher does not guarantee business as a Contributors and Advertisers in Luxour Lifestyle magazine.

Contributors and Advertisers are responsible for the accuracy of the information and Publisher is not responsible for any errors or omissions in the information provided on the Website and may update or correct the information at any time. Any covers or product images used are purely for illustrative purposes only. Contributors and Advertisers will not hold Publisher accountable for any errors and omissions. Publisher doesn’t discriminate. Publisher has the right to refuse any articles or submissions for any reason.

Advertisers payment is due within 48 hours. Rates and terms can be updated at anytime without notice or permission. Advertiser understands all articles will say Advertisement on it.

By contributing or paying you agree to the terms.